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IV Therapy

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James Robles, MD, FIPP

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If you suffer from vitamin deficiency, fatigue, or chronic pain, a simple noninvasive treatment is within reach at New Pain Solutions in Weslaco, Texas. James Robles, MD, FIPP, and his experienced medical team use revolutionary IV therapy to restore your health and give you the boost of energy you’ve been seeking. Schedule an appointment with New Pain Solutions to learn more about IV therapy or use the online booking tool today.

IV Therapy Q&A

What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a medical treatment in which your practitioner infuses IV fluids mixed with vitamins or other essential nutrients into your bloodstream to hydrate you and reduce any symptoms of deficiency or disease. Your infusion might contain vitamin C, amino acids, B vitamins, or minerals. 

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

When choosing IV therapy at New Pain Solutions, you can reap the following health and wellness benefits:

  • A boost of energy
  • Faster vitamin and mineral absorption
  • A stronger immune system        
  • Better hydration
  • Improved sports performance
  • Stress and depression relief
  • Fewer allergy or asthma symptoms
  • Less chronic pain

IV therapy is often a relaxing experience many patients enjoy. It’s a natural alternative to pharmacologic treatments.

What should I expect during IV therapy?

Prior to receiving IV therapy, Dr. Robles reviews your medical history and symptoms. He may complete a physical exam or utilize blood tests to check your hormone, vitamin, and mineral levels. Dr. Robles lets you know if you’re a good candidate for IV therapy. If so he develops a custom IV infusion that meets your personal needs.

During the procedure, you lie down in a comfortable chair. Your practitioner inserts a tiny needle into one of your veins and begins the IV infusion. You might feel a slight pinch during the needle insertion that lasts just a second or so. For the remainder of treatment, you simply relax, while fluids and nutrients enter your bloodstream and nourish your body.

IV therapy might last 20-60 minutes, depending on your size and the type of infusion you receive. 

What happens after IV infusion?

You might feel better right away after IV therapy, with additional improvements appearing after several days or weeks. There’s no downtime after the procedure, so you can resume normal everyday activities immediately. Dr. Robles lets you know how often to schedule follow-up IV therapy sessions to achieve optimal results.

Don’t live with chronic pain or fatigue when simple solutions are at your fingertips. Schedule an appointment over the phone or online with New Pain Solutions to learn more about IV therapy options.