Dr. Robles

Dr. Robles training in various events to help bring the latest services and expertise to his patients.

Dr. Robles loves the spine orthopedic symposium. 2015

Training with Dr. Runels inventor of Vampire Facelift®

Medical Mission Red Cross Cancun, Mexico 2012

Performing Spinal Ultrasound

Dr. Robles performing a procedure for stem cell extraction.

Robles with brothers and sister

Performing Cervical Injections

Performing Procedure

Ultrasound Leader Team- Philipines -2015

Medical Mission in Mexico 2015

Dr. Robles performing liposuction on a patient for stem cell extraction

Dr. Robles with Dr. Stanley Lam the best MSK ultrasonographer in the world

Class of World Ultrasound Symposium Manila, Philippines 2015

He loves basketball

His basketball court before.

His basketball court after.

Neuroprolotherapy Certified- Master Class- In New York with John Liftgot-2016

Medical Mission in Guadalajara 2016 Antigua Civil Hospital Guadalajara, Mexico

Medical Mission Cancun, Mexico 2017

Dr. Robles Boxing Days

Dr. Robles with nieces and nephew